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Province of Ontario,
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Mayer Paralegal can
help demystify the legal system and your claim
for recovery. Listed here are only a few of the many ways Mayer Paralegal can provide you with legal representation or services

Ontario Small Claims Court

The Small Claims Court adjudicates / deals with matters that are $35,000.00 or less. As of January 1st 2020, the Small Claims Court monetary jurisdiction has increased from $25,000 to a maximum of $35,000.


  • Will draft, issue and arrange for service of the claim.

  • Will provide advocacy / representation at Settlement Conferences, Motions, in Court / Trial, or any other type of hearing.

  • Will also provide enforcement services from Court Orders, to assist you to collect on your recovery Judgments.


  • If you have been served with a claim; IMMEDIATE Action is essential because you have 20 days only, to file your Defense, if you do not, then you will possibly have what is called; a Default Judgment against you, which could then lead to garnishment, and bad credit ratings.

Business and Employment Contracts

Realign and update your contracts that are plagued with legalese; 'the specialized language of the legal profession';

  • Will provide a streamlined, current, modular, meaningful contract for both parties to understand and agree to.

    • It is your right and is always recommended to obtain legal advise by a legal representative prior to signing any agreement or contract of any kind.

Ontario Tribunals

There are over 550 tribunals in Ontario

  • Where a Licensed Paralegal can provide you with Legal representation or services.

Mayer Paralegal legal representation or services undertaken

The undertakings of M A Mayer licensed Paralegal

  • Are in compliance and within the jurisdiction of the Licensed Paralegal accordingly; as is defined by the Law Society of Ontario "LSO" bylaws.



Licensed Paralegal by the Ontario Law Society "LSO"

M A Mayer is a licensed Paralegal permitted by law, to provide legal advise, services and representation; exclusively in the Province of Ontario; in compliance and within the jurisdiction of the Licensed Paralegal accordingly; as is defined by the LSO bylaws.

Notary Public
M A Mayer is an appointed Notary Public for the Province of Ontario.
A notary public has all the powers of a commissioner for taking affidavits and, can verify that signatures, marks and copies of documents are true or genuine.

Commissioner of Oaths

M A Mayer is also a Commissioners for taking affidavits, (sometimes referred to as commissioners of oaths) take affidavits or declarations by asking you to swear or affirm that what is in a document is true.

Officer of the Court in the Province of Ontario

M A Mayer as a licensed paralegals is recognized as an officer of the court in every court of record in Ontario in which paralegals are authorized to provide legal services.

Information Technology

M A Mayer has 25 plus years experience and many certifications in Information Technology as; an IT Master Engineer, Linux Admin, Cisco Admin, and WiFi Systems Admin, to name only a few IT credentials.

Paralegal Program Diploma

M A Mayer was on the Deans and Presidents lists with a GPA of 4.0; for the Paralegal Program Diploma.

M A Mayer holds two accreditation's by The International Association of Privacy Professionals "IAPP"

The Canadian Information Privacy Professional for Canada "CIPP/C", and the second is The Privacy Information Technologist "CIPT".

Diamond Readers Choice Award for 2020!

Thank YOU! I am so very honoured!



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