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Serving the Province of ONTARIO, Virtually



Mayer Paralegal can
help demystify the legal system and your claim
for recovery. Listed here are only a few of the many ways Mayer Paralegal can provide you with legal service and representation or expert witness in all Information Technology areas; Notary or Commissioner of Oath and Privacy upkeep services.

Ontario Small Claims Court

The Small Claims Court adjudicates / deals with matters that are $35,000.00 or less. As of January 1st 2020, the Small Claims Court monetary jurisdiction has increased from $25,000 to a maximum of $35,000.


  • Will draft, issue and arrange for service of the claim.

  • Will provide advocacy / representation at Settlement Conferences, Motions, in Court / Trial, or any other type of hearing.

  • Will also provide enforcement services from Court Orders, to assist you to collect on your recovery Judgments.


  • If you have been served with a claim; IMMEDIATE Action is essential because you have 20 days only, to file your Defense, if you do not, then you will possibly have what is called; a Default Judgment against you, which could then lead to garnishment, and bad credit ratings.

Business and Employment Contracts

Realign and update your contracts that are plagued with legalese; "the specialized language of the legal profession"

  • Will provide a streamlined, current, modular, meaningful contract for both parties to understand and agree to.

    • It is your right and is always recommended to obtain legal advise by a legal representative prior to signing any agreement or contract of any kind.

Ontario Tribunals

There are over 550 tribunals in Ontario

  • Where a Licensed Paralegal can provide you with Legal representation or services.

Mayer Paralegal legal representation or services undertaken

The undertakings of M A Mayer licensed Paralegal

  • Are in compliance and within the jurisdiction of the Licensed Paralegal accordingly; as is defined by the Law Society of Ontario "LSO" bylaws.

Privacy Officer

Provide Privacy policies and procedures per Canadian Information Privacy Professional for Canada "CIPP/C" certification by the International Association of Privacy Professionals "IAPP".

  • To align with current Privacy legislation, for both in-house and website documentation.

Notarization and Commissioning Services

A few examples

  • Affidavits

  • Statutory Declarations

  • Certified True Copies of Documents

  • Travel Consent Letters

  • Invitation for Visa Letters

  • Witnessing Signatures

  • Authentication & Legalization Services

  • Administering of Oaths



2023 Gold Readers Choice Award.png
Readers Choice 2022.png

Licensed Paralegal by the Law Society of Ontario "LSO"

M A Mayer is a licensed Paralegal permitted by law, to provide legal advise, services and representation; exclusively in the Province of Ontario; in compliance and within the jurisdiction of the Licensed Paralegal accordingly; as is defined by the LSO bylaws.

Notary Public
M A Mayer is an appointed Notary Public. A notary public has all the powers of a commissioner for taking affidavits and, can verify that signatures, marks and copies of documents are true or genuine.

Commissioner of Oaths

M A Mayer is also a Commissioners for taking affidavits, (sometimes referred to as commissioners of oaths) we take affidavits or declarations by asking you to swear or affirm that what is in a document is true.

Officer of the Court in the Province of Ontario

M A Mayer, as a licensed paralegal is recognized as an officer of the court in every court of record in Ontario in which paralegals are authorized to provide legal services.

Information Technology

M A Mayer has 25 plus years experience and many certifications in Information Technology "IT" as; an IT Master Engineer, Linux Admin, Cisco Admin, and WiFi Systems Admin, to name only a few IT credentials.

Paralegal Program Diploma

M A Mayer was on the Deans and Presidents lists with a GPA of 4.0; for the Paralegal Program Diploma.

Accreditation by,
The International Association of Privacy Professionals "IAPP"

The Canadian Information Privacy Professional for Canada "CIPP/C".

"Readers' Choice Award" Diamond for 2020, & Platinum for 2021,
Platinum for 2022, AND Gold for 2023!

Thank YOU! Mayer Paralegal is so VERY, very, very honoured!



For general inquiries, please fill in the following contact form:

This Privacy Statement is provided by Mayer Paralegal to inform you about the collection of personal information in this form. Information is only collected upon you clicking on the submit button below; to initiate contact with Mayer Paralegal.
Then a reply by Mayer Paralegal to coordinate a time to discuss the possible services available for you. All of which is held in the strictest of confidence per the Paralegal Rules of Conduct; s3.03 CONFIDENTIALITY, and additionally subject to the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA).


Any request and subsequent communication for information purposes
does not constitute a 
Paralegal - Client relationship
until a formal written retainer agreement has been signed and completed.

For more information on how your data is dealt with, please see:

You will be replied to from 9 AM - 5 PM, Mon - Fri, except Holidays.

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